For the consumers (cafés, bars, hotels, and other food service companies), allpeoplesfood is the marketplace for placing orders directly with local food vendors of all sizes. Start shopping for your restaurant or business kitchen online. Buy high-quality goods at affordable prices, with a responsible influence on our surroundings and our societies.

The allpeoplesfood team has several years of expertise in the development of massive, dynamic food service software systems. We’ve provided the solution for some major problems for food service providers and the companies that supply them.

We have a dedicated sales staff and high-quality customer support. Allpeoplesfood is more than just an online business. We feel that the strongest links have been established face to face and we work with purchasers and suppliers every day in the field to make deals easier for both sides.

For the buyers, we deliver ‘one stop store’ to buy in different categories that includes baked products, meats, fruit & vegetables, milk, and more. Discover something different on our rapidly evolving market and buy at seriously affordable rates immediately (we don’t charge supplier’s prices). Order in only a few taps online or via our website – plus you can place your favorite or standing orders. Forget long ways of application or complicated credit checks, only jump online and pay quickly with credit or debit card.

For the sellers, we are a strategic importance to market, supported by a devoted sales and supportive staff, with a creative online marketplace. We deliver versatile payment plans, straightforward and efficient monitoring instruments, a network of fast-trackers with advanced tools for route optimization and direct-to-customer marketing opportunities for buyers and can raise capital before completion.

We supply the commodity safely and supply it on a delivery basis. We provide supplier profiles so that you and your clients know where their food comes from exactly.Place and manage your orders and communicate with your suppliers all in the same place.

We are applying, pricing, and maintaining a product through a robust quality assurance and foodsecurity mechanism. Theproducts are usually shipped the next day. We’re selling high quality food. We ensure that it is either distributed, donated or forwarded to environmentally aware alternatives.Briefly, we’re good for business, for people, and for the world.